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Buds & Blooms specializes in practical gardening services.  Our core services are basic garden care and detailed maintenance of all types of gardens. We limit our focus to flowering gardens - perennials, annuals, bulbs, roses and flowering shrubs as well as Vegetable Gardening - raised beds, drip irrigation and rain water harvest.  We’ve also expanded our services to include back yard orchards of both berries and fruit trees.

We’re imaginative & creative, but realistic – our garden services are a step above traditional landscaping services, yet not complex and expensive as garden designers or landscape architects.  And our service fees are considerably less.  

With over 30+ years of practical gardening experience and garden know how from the Midwest to the Northeast, we provide basic garden services that our customers can easily live with. We work with condo gardens as small as 100 square feet, new homeowners struggling to manage existing gardens, as well as expansive suburban gardens – always keeping our customer’s budget and priorities in mind.  We can rejuvenate or make over your garden spaces .

Buds & Blooms also offers consultation & garden coaching.  We can visit your garden and guide you through a project, identify or suggest plants and even shop for you.  We can troubleshoot plant or garden problems & recommend solutions. We can even help you to learn about garden tools and power equipment and how to use them.  Our coaching is geared toward teaching our customers how  to be better gardeners - on their own!  

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