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Our Garden Consultation & Coaching


You’d like to care for your garden and flowering shrubs by yourself, but don’t Whether you want to give your garden a face-lift, improve your home's curb appeal, identify plants or shrubs, or generally need to know how to care for your garden or you want to start from scratch, Buds & Blooms works with you from start to finish.  Buds & Blooms coaching consultation all starts with a one-time garden appraisals and discussing your garden issues. A Buds & Blooms garden coaching consultation is a walk through your garden site and a conversation about what's there and what's possible.  Bills at $45/hr - one hour minimum plus one-way mileage.  Discounts available with a pre-paid purchase of 2 hours or more.  Fees are payable at the end of the coaching session.

Horticultural Consultation, Coaching & Mentoring Services

Initial planning or as aftercare, it helps to have someone to lean on or to learn from.  We can also teach you how to select and use both garden tools & power equipment as well as helping you to plan and assistance with DIY yardscapes, e.g. pillars, arbors, pergolas, rose catenaries, garden walkways.

You’re never left on your own, Buds & Blooms garden coaching services include a follow up visit to revisit or refresh prior coaching sessions - limited to 30 minutes.

Whether it's on a project-to-project basis or continuing along the path to becoming a better and more confident gardener, the Buds & Blooms garden coach consultation can be the force to keep your vision consistent.  Consider Buds & Blooms as a garden coach if you want to improve your garden skills or need some help specific DIY projects.  

Garden Design Consultants - Garden Architects consult with you, provide you with a formal garden design, planting plan and suggest or arrange for contractors to  do the work.

Landscape Services may plan out trees and landscape shrubs, but most only offer lawn and yard work completed by low level workers, yet never teach you how to care for your garden and flowering shrubs.

 Buds & Bloom Garden Coach is a cross between a Design Consultant and Landscaper - the best of both worlds but on a more practical level.   We’ll educate and train you regarding long-term care of your plants and their pruning, share tool techniques and even help you with DIY projects.  Our goal is to make you a self-sufficient Gardener!

“What’s a Garden Coach?”

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