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Planning and preparation are critical first steps that determine the success of your garden vision. We remove the guesswork and do the work for you.   Recommending plants requires researching your specific garden environment covered in our initial site visit. We also can restore older gardens that have lost their definition over time. Through garden care, pruning, plant replacement,dividing and relocating perennials, we can bring life back to your garden that may have been neglected over time.  We also offer Virtual Design Planning service that allows you to visualize online your new garden in the comfort of your home without visiting a nursery or garden center.

New Garden Design, Makeovers & Renovation Services

We conduct a soil test—a critical and necessary first step

The composition of your soil can vary a lot from one side of the yard to the other. Things that grow fine in your backyard may struggle in your front yard.

We consider how much sun you have and if anything gets in its way

We note the sun patterns in the proposed garden area identifying solar and shade angles also consider obstacles.  In follow up site visits we note how many hours per day the site you have in mind receives full sun and whether there are shade or partial shaded areas, as well as impact from obstacles, e.g. fences, buildings neighboring homes.  Then we research potential plants you like matching their needs with the available sun in your garden area. If your garden spot doesn't match the plant requirements you’ve chosen, we’ll adjust our recommendation for alternative plant choices or maybe suggest that you consider moving the garden to another spot.

New Garden Design & Prep

Garden Makeover & Renovation

Vine, Rose & Shrub Planting

  Custom Garden Services Available Upon Request

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