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Seminar and Workshop Schedule

Spring and Summer 2014

Take advantage of our decades of experience with gardening to brush up your skills or learn something new!  All seminars begin at 9:30 am unless otherwise noted, and take place in out in our garden.  The fee for each of our seminars is $15.   Please call              to register and pay to reserve your place.

Saturday, April 12 OR Saturday, April 26 Spring Pruning and Garden Clean up $10

This seminar is so popular we’re offering it twice! Whether you are new to gardening and aren’t sure where to start, have specific techniques you’d like to learn more about, or want to make sure you’re doing all the right things at the right time in your garden, our Spring Pruning and Garden Clean up Seminar is the place to get your garden off on the right foot.

Saturday, May 10 Potscaping /Annual Planter Workshop $35

Add a splash of annual color to your garden with our planter workshop! Design and plant your own annual planter right here in the garden.  We’ll provide you with design tips and techniques to get you started, the plants, soil, and basic pot to plant them in, and lots of help along the way! At the end of our session, you will take your creation home to enjoy.

Sunday, June 1 Small Space Vegetable Gardening Seminar $15  

Grow your own fruit and veggies in even the smallest garden. Learn tips and techniques like square-foot or intensive planting, vertical trellising and container gardening to make the most of what space you have, however limited. You’ll love enjoying nature’s bounty from your very own garden!

Sunday, June 8 Gardening for Beginners Seminar $10

Gardening has so many benefits for our wellbeing and the environment, and it isn’t as hard to get started as you might think! Whatever the scope or nature of your gardening project, this seminar will arm you with the basics, from choosing the tools of the trade to preparing your soil to selecting and planting the right tree, shrub, perennial or bedding plant for your space.

Saturday, June 21 Evergreen Pruning Seminar $15

The difference in health and appearance in pruned versus un-pruned evergreens is enormous. However, figuring out how, why, where and when to prune which evergreens can seem very daunting to the home gardener. This seminar will take the guesswork out of pruning evergreens and give you the knowledge to clean them up with confidence.

Buds ‘n Blooms hosts fun, informative seminars throughout the growing season to give you an in-depth look at a variety of gardening & landscaping topics.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced with a green thumb, our seminars offer something for everyone to inspire you to dig deeper and get the most out of your garden experience.

 of their garden experience.

Gardening is our passion & we love sharing that passion with others!

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