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Shopping for plants is great fun! It also can be frustrating, proving to be a costly mistake when choosing the wrong plants.  So what could be better than to have your own personal guide walk you through a plant nursery or garden center?

Bringing Buds & Blooms along shopping for your garden plants and supplies, you will

First plant, right plant!

When it's time to shop for plants, having a knowledgeable person along can help eliminate costly trial and error. You finally have the opportunity to buy what you like with the confidence of knowing there will be a place for it when you get home!

Buds & Blooms Shopping Assistance

If you've recently begun the design process, a trip to a local plant nursery will inspire you. There, we can put together a preliminary plant color scheme to work into the overall planting plan. The possibilities grow as we consider container gardens, furnishings, statuary and yard art. It's always a good idea to have a budget in mind before we start.