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Think beyond the simple garden hose…

Why Collect Rainwater?

Water conservation is important to preserve our fresh water supply. Other than the possible savings, rain barrels can be used to conserve water, help reduce water bills and reduce pollution by reducing storm water runoff. Rain barrels can be used to save water for plants during dry periods. They can also be arranged to slowly release the collected rain fall to areas that can soak up the water, reducing storm water runoff and increasing groundwater recharge.

Control against rising water prices…

Water bills have doubled for many people in the last decade and  water costs are likely to continue increasing.  Rainwater harvesting is great for reducing water costs.  Up to 40% of water used is for outdoor uses.

So don’t miss out on taking advantage of Nature’s free gift to us.  Instead consider a rainwater collection system  -  simple and efficient at a cost far less than traditional watering systems.  

Plants actually prefer natural rainwater

Watering  with treated tap water is not only expensive but is not really beneficial to plants and shrubs.  Chemicals contained in treated “city” water actually slows plant growth.

Plants thrive on natural rainwater – not only is it free from chlorine and other treatments added by the water dept. but is free of dissolved minerals and salts.

How to collect rainwater?

Its amazing the huge volume of rainwater washing down off the roof of your house. Collecting rainwater and using around your yard and garden  can provide a near limitless supply of free water.

Collecting rainwater can be as simple as a rain barrel, a downspout and a watering can.  Rain barrels can be connected together.  Diverters can collect as much or little as you want.  Soaker hoses can be attached and left to saturate the soil - all hands free!

Your rainwater system...

Buds & Blooms offers innovative solutions to rainwater collection. With designs and solutions simpler, cheaper and more effective approaches to rainwater collection for your garden!  Collecting free rain from the sky is a simple and easy, but many rain barrel users aren't making the most of this unlimited  resource.  

Buds & Bloom can help transform your garden and flowering shrubs into near maintenance free at a cost far below that of traditional  watering systems.

A new way to collect rainwater

There’s a  new approach to collecting rainwater - the missing link between  rain falling on your roof and getting that water to where its convenient for you.  By collecting direct from the downspout using gravity to channel roof runoff away from your house up to 150’ away -  all by using conventional garden hoses!  

Rain barrels no longer need to be  stored near your house but placed conveniently where you use water out in your yard.

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