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A Brief History: Drip irrigation has its roots in agriculture. In many parts of the world it is one of the few options available for the irrigation of crops and vegetables in harsh climates with a limited water supply. Its development depended on advancements in polyethylene tubing, and its growth was most rapid in arid and drought-plagued regions.  Beginning in the late 1960's farmers discovered that by using drip irrigation they could increase yields while lowering water use. The 80's saw drip irrigation making the transition into  commercial landscape and home gardens with mixed success. In today's market, drip irrigation is well trusted and used extensively in agriculture, commercial landscapes and residential gardens. Drip irrigation's popularity is mainly because it provides a solution to many water conservation problems.  Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of irrigation today. Drip irrigation (sometimes referred to as micro irrigation, low-flow irrigation, or trickle irrigation) is the slow and precise delivery of water directly to the plant roots. Drip irrigation is controlled either by hand or automatic timer.  Because drip irrigation is applied at the root zone, it maintains an optimum moisture level in the soil at all times resulting in less water lost to evaporation and wind. The plant roots are consistently maintained in an ideal moisture level, combining the proper balance of water and air for better growth while minimizing weed germination and growth. Microsprinklers have many of the same benefits as a drip system, such as low flow and low operating pressure. Unlike drip irrigation, microsprinklers/sprayers, distribute water over a wide area where low volume overhead irrigation is desired. Microsprinklers are used in areas where drip irrigation would not be practical such as large areas of groundcover, flowerbeds or oddly shaped areas. Like all low volume irrigation systems, they require a pressure regulator and filter, and are available in a variety of flow rates and diameters.

Advantages and Benefits

WATER EFFICIENCY: Drip irrigation applies water only when and where it is needed, with less runoff and evaporation from leaves and soil. Drip irrigation systems can conserve great amounts of water when compared to sprinkler systems.

REDUCED PEST PROBLEMS AND WEED GROWTH: Watering only the roots of plants with drip irrigation reduces the amount of water-borne pests and fungal diseases that spread by water movement. It also inhibits germination of weeds in the area between plants.

ROOT ZONE: One of the most important aspects of installing a new drip irrigation system is that a totally new and more favorable root zone environment is created, which maintains a relativelymconstant soil moisture level. This creates stress free plants that actively grow and resist disease.

ECONOMY: Investing in a low volume irrigation system can save you money by significantly lowering your garden water use, in turn lowering your water utility bill.

LONG LIFE: All DIG products are designed to withstand the harshest conditions in both home and

commercial installations. They are manufactured from high quality, durable plastics and contain

added quantities of the compound Carbon Black, making them resistant to the damaging effects of

ultraviolet rays.


Automatic irrigation is a method of delivering water throughout the garden effortlessly with a simple network of pipes and outlets hidden around the garden. There are different types of irrigation systems designed for watering certain areas of the garden, orchard and containers.  

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Buds n’Blooms will provide you with all elements of your irrigation system's design and installation ensuring a qualified, efficient system.  We can work with you to make sure that after we’re gone you can manage, add to and make changes to your system yourself.

Automatic irrigation is 80% more effective than watering with a garden hose and that means savings

Automatic irrigation is the perfect solution for vegetable & flower gardens, shrubs and even trees.