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Garden & Flowering Shrub Maintenance Services

Along the North Shore our growing season typically starts in early April and continues into late November and there’s significant maintenance required in our gardens.  Seasonal maintenance services are cornerstone to what we do.  Buds & Blooms offers a full range of practical garden services.  

Our “Pick & Choose” flexibility makes it easy to to set up the level of service you need.  Our Basic Scheduled Maintenance Services are available on a one-time basis or scheduled bi-weekly or monthly.  Our straight-forward hourly rate makes it easy to develop a custom maintenance plan that meets your needs.  We provide you with an extra pair of hands to help out around your yard and garden.  Choose from any of our services:


*Basic Scheduled maintenance is available on a scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

**Premium Maintenance Service is offered as complete season-long care April through November on a bi-weekly basis

Rose Complete Seasonal Care & Pruning - Roses are among the most popular and beautiful of all garden plants.  This is why they must be nurtured to bring the out their full potential.  The object of seasonal rose care &  pruning is to assist the plant to thrive.  Some roses like to be pruned  in winter.  Others flower in late winter or spring and prefer pruning after they’ve flowered.  Not only will we increase flowering, but we will ensure your roses display true beauty and maintain good health, giving them the strength to fight common pests and disease.  Our complete seasonal care includes disease and pest control, deadheading, feeding and fertilization, including spring pruning and fall winterization - complete turn-key service.  Billed at $65.00 hourly rate minimum $125.00 per month. Personalized quote includes discounts on hourly rate when included in Premium Scheduled Garden Service. Available April through November and  scheduled on a monthly basis.   

Premium Scheduled Maintenance Services are billed at $55.00 hourly rate minimum $225.00 per month.  Personalized quote includes discounts on hourly rate.  Available April through November and  scheduled on a bi-weekly basis.  Premium Schedule Services are intended to be turn-key garden care.

Premium Services - Basic garden services can be upgraded to our premium service where we provide comprehensive seasonal care as well as provide the garden supplies such as compost, disease and insect control,  fertilizers and monthly feeding.  We also provide plant services for replacements and new additions.  Each growing season you’ll likely need to replace a plant taken by harsh winters or merely find a new plant to complement your perennial garden and mixed beds with freely flowering annuals to add an additional layer of color to your garden. Our premium service is intended to provide turn-key garden care as your personal gardener.  In addition to Basic Scheduled Maintenance Services our Premium Services also include include plant food, fertilizers, compost and natural disease & pest spraying, as well as:

Basic Scheduled Maintenance Services - available on a one-time basis or scheduled bi-weekly or monthly, vacation schedules or only require a one-time cleanup.  Billed at $45.00 hourly rate minimum 2 hour scheduled visit.  Discounts apply on additional hours.  Available April through November.

Pruning and Trimming -  We are especially skilled in the artful pruning of perennials, vines, roses and flowering shrubs and bushes. We feel that pruning is an essential skill required to maintain gardens at their best. Proper pruning can reveal the hidden beauty of many plants while at the same time promoting good health, encouraging vigor, and improving flowering.  Available as single service.

Pruning takes skill and knowledge of knowing not only how to shape or create a focal point in your garden, but also understanding which roses, vines, shrubs and bushes rebloom on old or new wood.  Improper pruning can result in a total loss of blooms for the growing season.   Billed at $65/hr minimum 2 hour visit.